Thank You!

I love this Business and my job SO much I cannot even begin to describe it. Getting to photograph you all is seriously so rewarding to me, and I love that you have these memories frozen in time for the rest of your lives.

I strive really hard to get your galleries out as fast as possible because I know how exciting it is waiting for images and how you just want to see them immediately and honestly I’m usually just as excited as you are for you to see your gallery.

But what you don't see after those sunset sessions is me rushing home to figure out dinner then culling over 500 photos because I just couldn’t help myself when I see those pretty faces through my lens.

It's having a toddler begging for my attention 90% of the time, and just wanting to “help” me the other 10%. It's trying to finish galleries, schedule everyone, answer inquiries all while trying to keep the home afloat and not make my babygirl feel like last priority.

I am sorry that sometimes your messages don't get answered immediately, or my toddler who gets screen time opens them on my phone himself when I'm not looking.

I know most of you understand this, because so many of you are Mama's yourself

I just want you to know that I put my heart and soul into this and I really only want you all to be happy with your experience and my work.

Please stick with me as I figure out this gratefully growing business and manage being the best Mama, photographer and business owner I can be.

If you made it this far- thank you!