MODEL CALL- Fun and Intimate Bikini Maternity Session

Model Call

Amber Page Photography


A “Model Call” is often used by photographers who are looking for something extremely specific to photograph. These differ from regular, paid sessions because the photographer has full control over the styling and outcome of the images.


As a huge thank you for time and participation, you receive this intimate fun water maternity session completely complementary, plus five (5) professionally edited digital images . Of course we will take more than the five images that are included so you will have the option to purchase the whole gallery approximately 30-80 additional images for $175, after you see them in your online viewing gallery.


You will be required to pay a $100 retainer, which will be FULLY REFUNDED after completion of your session. Why pay, then? This eliminates No-Shows, and will allow me to confidently plan on your arrival to the session. When people don’t have actual money invested, they tend to blow things off, therefore, a session spot that could have gone to someone else is now wasted, and I am unable to create the images that I need.


Please read through the following checklist, and if you can check “YES!” to ALL of these points, then please fill out the application below.

__Must be available at 6:40pm on August 9th or August 23

__Must be willing to sign a FULL MODEL RELEASE stating that I can use any image I select for marketing purposes.

__Must be willing to mention Amber Page Photography when posting these images to your own social media

--Must be comfortable being photographed in a bikini. (Dad's would wear nice shorts + possibly be shirtless or wearing a nice button down or crisp new tee shirt)

__Must be willing to do full makeup and style your hair

__Must be due in September or early October

__Must be willing to play and be at least waist deep in the ocean

__** If you're into surfing, diving or any other water related activity that we can incorporate please let me know in the comments below!

Since you’ve made it this far, you must still be interested! I would LOVE to consider you. Please fill out the application below. If chosen, you will receive a follow up email from me where you can sign our portrait agreement/model release and submit your refundable retainer.