Model Call

Amber Page Photography

Thank you so much for your interest in this Model Call opportunity. This information is meant to inform you what a model call is, why I need YOU, and the exact specifications I am looking for.


A “Model Call” is often used by photographers who are looking for something extremely specific to photograph. In my case, I’m looking for COUPLES, FAMILIES, OR MATERNITY subjects to photograph in Joshua Tree, Glamis, and Laguna Beach! Models MUST be willing to follow ALL specifications (location, time, and wardrobe) to be considered. These differ from regular, paid sessions because the photographer has full control over the styling and outcome of the images.


As stated above, my goal of this Model Call is to create images that feature these destination locations. I need a few families, couples, or pregnant women in front of my camera at specified dates and times to fulfill my vision for each of these shoots. In exchange for your time, courage, and signed model release you will receive your session and 5 digital files absolutely free of charge. (A full model release allows me to use these images on my Facebook page, Instagram, website, blog, or wherever I see fit for marketing purposes. You MUST be willing to allow images to be shown without limitations. No exceptions.) This model call will allow me to show potential clients what we can create together. These images will be displayed primarily on my website, Facebook and Instagram as examples to show future clients what their session will look like.


As a huge THANK YOU for offering to model for my portfolio, you will receive your entire session free of charge (350$ VALUE) and five (5) professionally edited digital images uploaded to an online viewing gallery. In addition, you will have the option to purchase your full gallery of 25-55 additional images at a heavily discounted rate of $150. 


You will be required to pay a $40 deposit, which will be FULLY REFUNDED after completion of your session. Why pay, then? This eliminates No-Shows, and will allow me to confidently plan on your arrival to the session. When people don’t have actual money invested, they tend to blow things off, therefore, a session spot that could have gone to someone else is now wasted, and I am unable to create the images that I need.

Please read through the following checklist, and if you can check “YES!” to ALL of these points, then please fill out the application below.

__Are you willing to follow posing directions cheerfully?

__Are you comfortable in front of the camera?

__Do you own, or can you purchase an approved flowy dress?

__Are you willing to style your own hair and makeup? Hair should remain down (no clips or ponytails) and makeup should be applied slightly heavier than what you normally wear.

__Are you willing to sign a FULL MODEL RELEASE stating that I can use any image I select for my own marketing purposes?

__If applying for the maternity model call in Laguna Beach, are you willing to wear a bikini and or a two piece maxi skirt set (open belly) for this session? Is your significant other willing to be photographed shirtless?

__If applying for the in home maternity model call, are you willing to purchase or wear (if you already own) a Calvin Klein-or like under ware set? Is your significant other willing to be photographed shirtless?

Since you’ve made it this far, you must still be interested!! I would LOVE to consider you. Please fill out the application below and I will be in touch with you shortly.



Laguna Beach: April 2nd + 9th

In-Home Maternity: Weekdays March + April

Open to pregnant mamas that have a APRIL or MAY due date with homes in ORANGE COUNTY